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Filmways Pictures Agency was founded in 1952 in California by a group of agents and producers who aspired to produce original and entertaining content for global market.

Since then, it has been our mission to create outstanding content for film, television and emerging formats with our expertise in financing, production and development.

Filmways Pictures Agency is now a prime company working with only the finest home-grown and international talent. It is our primordial goal to deliver good quality content.


The film industry system has never been easy to navigate, even for agents and producers. Scouting and nurturing new talent is already cumbersome, let alone connecting with screenwriters.

It is our mission to create an easier path for screenwriters to land their work in the hands of as many top Hollywood agents and producers. Through innovation and connection, Filmways Pictures Agency makes the journey worth the hard work you put in your script.

Ben Davidson


Ben Davidson

Co-Founder | Marketing Director

Mr. Davidson’s interest in screenplay and film production started when he became part of the production crew for the 1979 movie, “Disaster on the Coastliner.” From then on, he worked in both independent and mainstream film productions, worked with prominent producers, screenwriters and other major players in the industry.

He believes that it only takes a little spark of imagination to create a masterpiece. Add the creativity of a screenwriter, and you have a screenplay that thaws even the coldest heart or brightens even the gloomiest day.

With the expertise of Mr. Davidson and the rest of the staff, Filmways Pictures Agency is confident to help one more film enthusiast reach unimaginable heights. The movie and entertainment industry continuous to evolve. Likewise, we keep up by always choosing the right concept for the year and meet the demands of production companies.



Brad Sanders

VP of Operations

Filmways Pictures Agency hopes to put your work on the spotlight and jumpstart your career in the film industry. Film has this special thing with people – it awakens and evokes emotions, hopes and ideas. This is what got Mr. Sanders perpetually hooked in the film industry.

He specializes in strategy united agents and operations & accountancy which he picked up when he was with Channel One. Having an MBA from HULT University with concentrations in Finance & Business Operations has definitely put Mr. Sanders up a notch in his expertise in overseeing finance and operations.

Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren

Rights Acquisition Manager

Acquisitions is an integral part of the motion picture business. It is the process by which studio executives and independent distributors buy or acquire content such as movies, television shows, TV series, webisodes and documentaries.

The long experience of Ms. Lauren as a Literary Manager for TV and Movie Scripts with Bellevue Productions has developed her scrutinizing eye to spot a material perfect for a specific production company and producer. A few of her proudest contributions in the film industry are the successes of “Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story” (2015) and “Eli” (2019).

She is looking forward to helping dreamers, together with the other experts at Filmways Pictures Agency, reach their dreams of success.


Victoria Powell

Executive Production Manager

The journey of Ms. Powell in the film industry started as a creative staff with the Academy Awards. Then, she became the Television Production Assistant at Filmways, Inc.

A film production manager oversees the overall operations of film production and organize all the necessary needs of a production staff,
handle project budget, prepare permits and documents, assist in daily production tasks and ensure that the production schedules are met.

She does what she does very well as she has contributed to the success of TV shows like “Cagney & Lacey” and “2019,” and collaborated with Ed Victor in the editorial and production of the novel “The Four Hundred.”

Ms. Powell believes that her strong connections will help link promising materials to production companies and producers through Filmways
Pictures Agency.


Alex Palmer

Talent Coordinator

Mr. Palmer is responsible for finding creative ways to discover new talents at Filmways Pictures Agency. It is both fun and challenging for him to book talents and act as a liaison between the production department and talent agents, negotiating contracts, managing
calendars, and overseeing events and projects from start to finish.

His experience as a production staff at the Casarotta Agency sparked his interest in Film Literary Management. And, he has strategically
developed an international movie and TV database and software that contribute to the efficiency of the process. It is Mr. Powell’s great
pleasure to help aspirants reach their dreams.


Nicole King

Film Rights Manager

You will need an agent to help protect your interests through the process of getting your work to film. It is important that the agent
has established working relationships with producers and can tell if your work is best suited for film, TV, or stage.

The well-founded experience of Ms. King as a former Rights Agent with Mocknick Productions Literary Agency, Inc. and having worked with the creative writing BBC THREE TV Channel
and other TV series and documentaries productions have made her keen on knowing the market trends, and what can and can’t

A material, no matter how good, can only be fantastic given the right timing, audience and marketability. Filmways Pictures Agency can see what fits, where it fits and when it fits.


Miranda Fox

Executive Coordinator

The area of specialization of Ms. Fox is in talent collaboration and endorsement to production. It is always something she looks forward to as she believes that collaboration can produce motivation and creativity.

Her experience as the editorial board with The Franklin Mint and Total Sports Publishing has given her a sharp eye on details. This paved way to her contribution in the industry which helped publish sports encyclopedia and magazine.

One can easily get lost and confused in the film industry. But, Filmways Pictures Agency will make use of the expertise of our staff to get you where you are heading.


Anne Weiss

Project Coordinator

People may only see the glamor in making movies and TV shows, but the reality and the bulk of the work is often the opposite. As a production coordinator, it is imperative to make sure that the show goes on. Indeed, it is a demanding but vital behind-the-scenes position.

Ms. Weiss holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has worked with Miramax Books as a production staff. Her experience has
put her in a position to know that talent alone will not suffice, but hard work and discipline will seal the deal.

She islooking forward to guide and work with dynamic aspirants to make rounds in the industry with the help of Filmways Pictures Agency.


Partnership Grant

Filmways Pictures Agency has completed 180+ film and television financing transaction. We are a world-renowned fil, television and media financier with over $35 million in capital investment and over $130 million aggregate production spending.

We offer grants every year to talented screenwriters and filmmakers for narrative features, short films, TV pilot series scripts and documentaries that demonstrate originality, vision and exceptional potential. Our grants cover programs customized for each project including creative development from the team, Hollywood submissions and independent film production.


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Filmways Pictures Agency is an excelled production company driven to create outstanding content for film, television and emerging formats.

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