1. What is your Process Overview?

Your submitted screenplay will go through a series of quality and concept marketability evaluations. If we don’t respond within a month, it could either mean that we don’t find your work satisfactory or we don’t see your material as a perfect fit on our current project plans. You may, however, resubmit your screenplay the following year. Should we consider your script, you will receive an email confirming your assignment with a film rights manager who will discuss your sponsorship grant and guide you in submitting your work and connecting you to producers, and all other essential undertakings to build your portfolio as a screenwriter. In some cases, you will receive an email with a recommendation to reshape your screenplay and assign you to a script specialist.

Sporadically, we initiate contact with scriptwriters, personalities with media and news sensationalized stories, novelists, or authors if their stories captured the interest of the mass audience, our Board of Editors, and if we see a matching interest from our network of producers and production companies.

2. Do you accept all genres?

Yes, we accept all genres for evaluation, although we only work with concepts that are in demand at a specific submission conference. Our committee of staff and board members will review all submissions against carefully determined criteria. Thus, even if you passed the quality screening, the material may not fit our current project plan as determined by the film market analysis and demands from our network of producers and production companies.

In addition, our Market Research Team is constantly looking for the latest trend in the film industry to determine the content’s profitability in the market.

3. Can I send a manuscript?

We accept manuscripts and other emerging formats subject to review and evaluation by our Board of Editors. Although, for us to move forward with submission targeting the film industry, converting the manuscript to screenplay is essential.

4. What is a Partnership Grant?

It is a sponsorship granted to a material that has passed our pre-screening process. The level of partnership grant may range from 50% to 80% based on the film concept marketability rating of the material such as the particular subject matter, location, special interest, et al. as identified by the board.

100% Sponsorship is only applicable to the following:
✓ Screenwriters with previous work acquired by our list of production companies;
✓ Authors whose novels or books were / are traditionally published;
✓ Writers whose real-life stories have reached international sensation.

Who qualifies for a Partnership Grant?
→ Screenwriters
• TV pilot script
• Film script

→ Filmmakers
• Narrative features
• Short films
• Documentaries

→ Film marketing professionals

→ Authors
• Fiction
• Non-fiction

Provided that the materials passed the pre-screening for international marketability which will be determined by our Board of Editors; provided further that the writer owns the full rights of the material and does not have an agent currently working or negotiating on the writer’s behalf.

5. Is Filmways Pictures Agency a production company?

Our co-founder and executives used to work with Filmways Pictures TV and Film Production company dating back to the 1950s. After its acquisition with Orion Pictures, Filmways Pictures Agency independently operates as an intellectual property rights management agency that primarily focuses on film rights and bridging the creative writers and talents to our network of contacts in Hollywood. Although, we still produce indie short films for selected or special projects.

6. Where are you located?

We have offices across the USA and the UK. Our Rights Acquisition and Onboarding Department is located in the UK while our production agents are situated in San Francisco, California, USA.

7. Is there a fee involved?

We are a film rights management and promotion service provider agency and not a rights ourchaser. Thus, we provide a wide variety of services that helps screenwriter through every stage of the project’s cycle – from writing, development, promotion, connecting to producers to distribution and beyond.

Although we offer sponsorship grants to qualified materials which passed the pre-screening evaluation, which consists of checking the quality of the storyline, timeliness of the concept, and marketability of the material, 100% sponsorship is only applicable for screenwriters with previous work acquired by our affiliated production companies and novels or books traditionally published or real-life stories that have reached international sensation

8. Is there a guarantee that we’ll land a film adaptation deal?

Any honest and reputable company will not say an affirmative answer to this one outright. Just like any other business venture, there is always a risk involved within the process. However, our strict screening and evaluation process, professional and expert production staff in implementing strategic project plots, and our strong experience and connection in the film market will play an important role in achieving our goal for your project. That has been our key ingredient in our long-standing success in this field.

9. What is the term of exclusivity of the Partnership Agreement?

Our partnership entails an exclusive agreement wherein only Filmways Pictures should be the sole Rights Manager and distributor of your script within 2 years. Although we would be glad to allow you to use our produced script for your personal promotion and submission through your personal contacts, still a letter of intent is required indicating the full details of the campaign and the person or firm you will deal with. It is important for us to protect the welfare of our project by checking for any foreseeable conflict or the legitimacy of the offer/ firm.

10. How much will be your share of profit?

Our firm will deduct 30-40% from your Honorarium cut from the advances that you will earn once you sign a film adaptation project through our submission effort. The said Honorarium cut is applicable and limited to your advance royalty, and thus we won’t get a further share of your succeeding royalties. Any unreported deals made within the timeline of the agreement depict a severe breach of our partnership agreement, and thus qualifies for legal action.